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057 Motors - 5YJSA1E4XFF101984

2015 Tesla Model S - 5YJSA1E4XFF101984

Dual Motor, Standard Performance 70D

Lowest Price: $27,318.00

Battery Pack:
70 kWh (Included)
75 kWh (+$5,199.00)
85 kWh (+$8,299.00)
90 kWh (+$9,499.00)
100 kWh (+$18,869.00)

Dual Motor, Standard Performance (Included)

Dual Motor, Insane Performance (+$7,849.00)
Requires 85 kWh or Larger Battery

Dual Motor, Ludicrous Performance (+$9,339.00)
Requires 85 kWh or Larger Battery
Estimated Rated/EPA Range:225 miles as 70D
Autopilot Hardware v1 (Included)
Odometer:58,000 miles
Infotainment Hardware:nVidia Tegra (MCU v1)
Supercharging:Free Lifetime Supercharging *** (See notes)
Title Status:Salvage Rebuilt Title (NC)
Cold Weather Package:No
Heated Steering Wheel:No
Roof Type:Power Sunroof
Center Console Type:2015 OEM Drop-In Center Console
Power Liftgate:Yes
AC Onboard Charger:Single (40A)
Front Seats:Tan Next-Gen Leather
Rear Seats:Tan Leather
Third Row Seats:N/A
Suspension Type:Air Suspension
Wheels:Standard 19"
(Contact us after deposit for upgrade options)
Sale Notes:Excellent condition dual motor Model S. Salvage title with flood noted. Texas car. Water did damage the original battery pack and rear drive unit, but did not appear to make it inside the vehicle at all. The car was clearly parked at an angle such that the rear of the vehicle was partly submerged for a short period with fresh water. We usually don't deal with flood vehicles since they can be nightmares, but this one was an exception. As a precaution, all rear high voltage components, including the battery, charger, junction box, and rear motor, have been replaced. Discounted 057 battery extended service plan available with purchase. --- *** Super charging was never actually disabled on this vehicle by Tesla, despite the salvage title status. We can NOT guarantee that this will always be the case, however, and we will not re-enable supercharging if disabled by Tesla.
Price as Configured: $27,318.00

Estimated Delivery Date: 13th of October 2023
(With deposit today)

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Some configurator notes:
Performance versions require at least an 85 kWh battery pack.
The 100 kWh battery pack with the performance upgrade is not available with 'Insane' performance, only 'Ludicrous' performance.
There is not a RWD (rear-wheel drive) 100 kWh battery configuration.
Range estimates are just estimates. Actual displayed and real world range will vary.